13 free and fun miniature 3D prints for wargames

Bring your tabletop wargames to the next level: a list of free and beginner-friendly miniature 3D prints

By: Viola

Welcome to the world of miniature 3D printing for wargames! Whether you’re a seasoned wargamer looking to expand your collection or a newcomer eager to embark on thrilling tabletop battles, we’ve curated a list of 13 free and beginner-friendly miniature 3D prints that are sure to spark your imagination. From epic fantasy creatures to intricately detailed terrain pieces, explore the endless possibilities of bringing your gaming table to life with these fantastic creations. Let’s dive into the battlefield!

1. Fates end dice tower

We recommend trying this wizard tower with a metallic shine filament. You can increase the scale for larger dices. No support needed. 

Fates end tower
Fates end dice tower by Kimbolt 

2. Rock formations

The full set of rocks for patreons contains the four rocks and three variations of one of them so you can choose the one that fits more with you army or your game. 

Rock formations
Rock formations by MakersAnvil

3. Table top condition indicator

These are obvious status effect rings that you can place on your minis to indicate an active effect.

Condition indicators
Table top condition indicators by thelukec

4. Ruined town set of scenery

A ruined house with two parts as part of an entire set for patreons. 

Ruined town
Ruined town by MakersAnvil

5. Orc archer

This Orc scout is suitable for 28mm tabletop games, comes with variants with square and round bases. It is created so that it does not need any supports and prints well.

Orc archer
Orc archer by BriteMinis

6. Mythic mug can holder – Lion’s brew

The Mythic Mugs is a series of highly detailed can holders, taking classic fantasy elements and putting them into mug form.

Can holder
Lion’s Brew – Mythic Mugs by ArsMoriendi3D

7. Dungeon sticks – Starlink – Ruined Stone

This set is “ruined stone” and is intended to depict old, disrepaired, or ruined structures/dungeons/etc. These models were painted as an underwater long-forgotten Atleantean city, but with different color schemes this set can work all over the place (desert ruins, mountaintop dungeon, ancient shrine, etc).

Dungeon sticks
Dungeon sticks – Starlink – Ruined Stone by ecaroth

8. Large can holder

This large version mug was created as per request in several versions: 33cl, 50cl, 12oz fl (regular and slim), 16oz, 23, 23.5, and 25oz. So you should have no problems matching it to your can size, or you can just simply have more room for a lot more dice!

Large can holder
Large can holder by ArsMoriendi3D

9. Tree for Gloomhaven

Overlay tile replacement for the board game Gloomhaven. Canopy is partially hollow and removable so you can see underneath if it gets in the way. No supports needed!

Tree for Gloomhaven
Tree for Gloomhaven by Robagon

10. Orc with spear

This Orc looter with spear is suitable for 28mm tabletop games. It has been created so that it does not need any support and prints well. It comes with variants with square and round bases.

Orc spear
Orc with spear by BriteMinis

11. ClickLock building system

This is a new modular system for your D&D table. This is a system that works like dungeon/open-forge, but is faster to print and has a printable locking system. So here’s the ClickLock system.

Click lock tiles
ClickLock building system by daandruff

12. Lost adventures cave entrance

This is a nice, big, cave entrance by The Lost Adventures Company. Your players will love it. I guarantee it.

Cave entrance
Lost adventures cave entrance by The Lost Adventures Company

13. Lost adventures Bugbear

Who doesn’t love a nice ol’ Bugbear? Enjoy this sample freebie from the Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Bugbear Set! – No support needed.

Lost adventures Bugbear from The Lost Adventures Company

I hope you will enjoy upgrading your tabletop game!

Happy printing!✌️

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