3D printing Christmas calendar: 24 ideas to 3D print until Christmas

3D print a Christmas print every day in December until Christmas!🎄✨

By: Viola

Are you in a Christmas mood already? We have collected 24 Christmas 3D print ideas, so you can print one every day in December until Christmas. These will get you into the spirit and can give you some inspiration for Christmas gifts too.🎁

1. December

Xmas Pikachu

Pokemon Xmas Pikachu by Fontoura3D

2. December

Xmas reindeers

Christmas deer figurines by yeg3d

3. December

Eye monster ornament

 Eye monster Christmas ornament by darkplatypus

4. December

Xmas Minion Tim

Minion Tim in Xmas mood by ALSAMEN

5. December

Xmas village

Little Christmas village by yeg3d

6. December

Super Mario ornaments

Super Mario Christmas ornaments by Renegade Design

7. December

Xmas sock cookie cutter

Christmas sock cookie cutter by OOGIME

8. December

Xmas Grinch

Grinch Christmas tree ornament by DreamStarter

9. December

Hairy gnome

Hairy Flexi Gnome by KOZA

10. December

Star Wars ornament

Star Wars Christmas ornament by AprilStorm

11. December

Olaf snowman
Olaf snowman by ZbrushingMX

12. December

Reindeer decor

Santa sleigh & reindeers Christmas decoration by reichwec

13. December

Minion Xmas boot

Minion Christmas boot by ALSAMEN

14. December

Xmas drink dispenser

Christmas tree drinks dispenser by meeee

15. December

Pokemon Snorlax

Pokemon Christmas Snorlax by Fontoura3D

16. December

Xmas candle

Pandoro tealight candle holder by HELDERSANTOS

17. December

Grinch ornament

Grinch Christmas ornament by Vlado Turek

18. December

Reindeer cookie cutter

Rudolf the reindeer cookie cutter by OOGIME

19. December

Pokeball ornaments

Pokeball ornaments by k scale models

20. December

Xmas bearded gnome

Bearded gnome by kijai

21. December

Low-poly snowman

Low-poly snowman by RAEUNN3D

22. December

Pokemon Psyduck

Pokemon Christmas Psyduck by alleph3d

23. December

Santa tree hugger

Santa tree hugger Christmas ornament by benmpickard

24. December

Baby yoda ornament

Baby Yoda Grogu Christmas tree topper ornament by 3D.Labs 

Merry Christmas and happy printing!🎄✨

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