Back-to-school 3D printing ideas

Cheer up the everydays at school. 10 ideas to 3D print that you can use at school or in the office.

By: Viola

By this time most students have started in school. To make the school days more fun, I have collected some cool things to 3D print, that can be also used in the office or at home. 

1. Darth Vader pen holder

Darth Vader pen holder by jhwblender

Thingiverse is full of penholders. But if you want one with style, here is Darth Vader. It can also be a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. Permit Lord Vader to give you your pen/ring/remote/phone etc and hold it for as long as you deem necessary.

2. Harry Potter bookmark

Harry Potter bookmark by steve88w

Rawenclaw bookmarks are for intellectual, curios and innovative people. And for anyone who is into Harry Potter and into the Rawenclaw house😉

3. Warcry ruler

Warcry ruler by Calcipox

This is a ruler designed for the Games Workshop game Warcry. It has a 8 inches, 6”, 3” and two 1” sides.

4. MakerBot lunchbox

MakerBot lunchbox by Mr_MegaTronic

This is probably large enough to take a sandwich and a Capri-Sun, or a Lunchable… but hey! You can store other things in it too!

5. Magnetic periodic table of elements

Magnetic periodic table of elements by 3D Central

Once you have printed this full periodic table set, you will remember the elements.  They come with magnet holes on the back which will fit magnets 1/4″ X 1/16″.

6. White board marker holder

Erase marker and eraser holder by RobCal

Teachers’ dream is this white board marker holder. It holds 7 markers plus the eraser and can be attached to the wall with some double-sided foam tape or a Command strip.

7. VHS tape dispenser

Tape dispenser

Okay. This STL file is not free, but seriously. Who wouldn’t want to have this..

8. Happy paper clips

Paper clips cannot miss from this list.❤️🌸⭐🙂🎃

9. Laptop stand

Laptop stand by Filarte3D

Laptop stand designed to hold your laptops in two different positions, to raise the screen at eyesight, to save workspace and help cooling. 

10. Custom sleeve for coffee and tea cups

Custom sleeve for coffee and tea cups by sethmoser

This design was born out of frustration from using disposable cardboard sleeves on the Starbucks $1 reusable cup – plus to add a cooler look to mugs. The geometric designs are highly customizable and look great on a plain cup.

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