Creative 3D print ideas for Easter

A selection of 14 Easter 3D printing ideas that will spice up your Easter basket.🐰🐣

By: Viola

Welcome to our Easter-themed 3D printing extravaganza! Easter is coming, heat up your 3D printer for a bunch of creative and egg-citing ideas. From charming Easter decorations to personalized egg holders and beyond, explore the world of 3D-printed Easter goodness! 🐰🌷

1. Pokemon Easter ball

Gotta catch ’em all! Here’s a hinged and button operated Poké Ball in an egg shape. You can store your Easter eggs in them.

Easter pokeball
Easter Poke ball by SUPERBEASTI

2. Jumpy eggy

This cute baby chick jumps up when the egg is pushed down. You don’t need to use any supports and it’s a really easy click-in-place assemble! 

Jumpy eggy
Jumpy eggy by Tomo_designs

3. Modern Easter bunny decor

Minimalistic but yet contemporary addition to your home decoration. The model is 177 mm tall, can be scaled up to your liking.

Modern Easter bunnies
Modern Easter Bunny Decoration by Sabre Dynamics

4. Matryoshka chicken-egg

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Here you can choose on the dilemma, with which one you want to start with, by scaling up and down the model. 

Matryoshka chick-egg
Matryoshka chick-egg by RamonAngosto

5. Surprise egg

This surprise egg with jet fighter is one of the series of 11 versions with different content. You can find them in the description on the link below. Both the jet fighter and the egg was designed to be printed in place without any support structures. 

Surprise egg
Surprise egg with jet fighter by AGEPBIZ

6. Baby chick layered fidget

These baby chick and egg layered fidgets are the perfect addition to any Easter basket 🐣. No supports needed.

Fidget chick
Baby Chick and Easter Egg Layered Fidgets by 3DPmom

7. Wireframe Easter egg

Easter eggs with a little twist. To print the legs in a different color with one extruder, switch the color right before the printer starts to print the shell.

Wireframe egg
Wireframe Easter Egg by Anders644PI

8. Bunny voronoi

The voronoi style makes this bunny an artistic piece. And yet it is an easy print. It needs to be printed with support. 

Voronoi bunny
Bunny Voronoi by JULIEN_DACOSTA

9. Floppy Bunny

A super cute articulated bunny with his adorable floppy ears and stylish curly whiskers. The kids will love him, print a few for the Easter baskets! No supports required, just print, peel and bend away. You can also scale it up.

Floppy bunny
Articulated Floppy Bunny by Devine

10. Easter bunny cookie cutter

No one will resist to these cute cookies at the Easter table.🤩

Easter cookie cutter
Easter bunny cookie cutter by OOGIME

11. Easter bunny lamp

Easter Bunny Egg Tea Light Lamp -a cute house for your tea lights. Up to 40mm diameter tea light. 

Easter bunny lamp
Easter bunny egg tea light lamp by NUKDDD

12. Easter egg dispenser bunny

Can you keep this bunny stocked with chocolate eggs?👀🍫
This bunny has a ‘flip-top’ head so you can load mini chocolate Easter eggs into an internal channel that runs around the back and out the bottom at the front. Measure the eggs to be dispensed before printing and scale up to suit. 

Easter egg dispenser
Easter egg dispenser bunny by muzz64

13. Easter egg decoration

Easter eggs for hanging. More than 20 variants, including a non-hanging version too.

Easter egg decor
Easter egg decor by Jakub Lattenberg

14. Doric column egg holder

Do you like your eggs soft boiled? This egg holder is a stylish was to eat them not only during Easter. Eat like an emperor.✨

Egg holder
Doric Column Egg Holder by creamywhite

I hope you will enjoy your Easter with these prints!

Happy printing!✌️

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